Almighty Love

When darkness surrounds me,

I need light within my soul,

struggle for freedom,

I call thee

Will there ever be a fallen leave again,

when there is no wind no more,

will the raven nevermore,

 always feel foreign

A rush of blood to my head,

an short idea of how it could work,

an ideal for living,

my daily bread

Down and out,

backed against the wall,

chrused between the waves of the world,

wanna go into the woods to scream out loud

Marching on,

without fear,

but a lot of anger,

back to my throne

Step for step,

marching proud,

thinking about,

that there´s still a light in all the doubt

Deep blue sea,

beautiful sky,

fire in the air,

there is she

I want to hold her in my arms,

darted by armours arrow,

want to feel the real deal,

payin for my charms

What prevents me from healing,

an entrance for an exit,

an intro for an outro,

prefer kissing instead of kneeling

Bring me back to life,

without regrets,

out of the night,

into the light

Save me,

don´t waste me,

chase me,

or let it be

Hearts unbroken,

books unwritten,

words unspoken,

all in with my last token

I want to play forever,

want to say more than i tell,

more life tasks than just dwell,

one for all together

This is my life,

this is my time,

don´t want to be the next in line,

I`ll walk out and shine

There is no after,

only now or never,

laughter and happiness,

I become a blaster

Blown away,

all my tears,

all my fears,

nevermore go astray

It seems so simple,

it just seems,

so true and unaware,

deep dimple

Stand by you then,

i vent it when i can,

getting out the cramp,

walk the tramp

This is my test,

so much more to learn,

still grow strong,

I´ll do my best

Wings growing out of nowhere,

born to be free,

rise in steam

like an eagle in the air

Back to the world,

back to my friends,

back to my family,

trust in my word

Healing for the broken,

so soft spoken,

dedication awoken,

  the dream is woven



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