Boxing with Shadows (English Version)

Now..that I are not there are still with me.. you are still here by my side.. in my heart.. in my mind.. in my memories.. you will be forever.. as long as I am.. you stay.. for me.. forever.. and for you..

Shadow boxer.. boxer in the shadows.. you fights his shadows.. you have rocked me .. all the time.. you flew like a butterfly.. and stung like a bee.. more like a scorpion.. but never unjustified.. fists flying.. bells ringing..

Your values.. your pride.. your weights.. your wood.. you have shown me the roots.. how to live.. how to fight.. how to help.. how to get up.. when you fall down.. how to bark.. and how to bite.. how to argue.. without crap..

In the end you were human.. like every last one of us.. for this reason so grand.. and famed.. fought shadows.. like everyone of us.. denying the force of an angry stream.. like everyone of us.. running up against windmills.. like everyone of us.. punching sacks of sand.. like no one else.. putting trees up into the air.. like no one after us..

You were.. great.. and I miss your smile.. Irish Madman.. already.. and I could grab my collar.. for being not there.. when everything was falling apart.. that I have declined your call.. when you wanted to talk.. already.. I am wiser.. but it’s too late..I was a fool..

Like everyone of us and like everyone coming after us.. I wish.. I could see you again.. and fighting the shadows with you.. because they are in my life too.. and we would fight.. like Bowen and Burke.. in the longest box fight.. 110 rounds.. 7 hours.. with you by my side..

Punch.. left.. right.. uppercut.. jab.. cross.. sidewinder.. boxing shadows.. fighting the intangible.. you will find a partner for sparring up there as well.. I will keep on fighting below here.. for your sake as well.. there is still enough to fight for and against.. for me..

I know you are well.. where ever you are now.. but you are missed here on earth.. your drive.. your courage.. And he’s watching us all with the eye of the tiger.. thank you for watching over me..

In friendship.. Florian


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